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When it gets cold, my resolve dissolves...

April 22nd, 2015 at 03:02 pm

We are in a somewhat vicious cold snap right now (saw snow this morning!) and my building has turned off the boiler. I have had two uncomfortable nights, and my cat agrees, as she has been trying to get under the covers with me. When it gets cold, I don't get things done. I don't cook and I don't pack lunches. I just huddle under blankets for warmth. So I bought dinner and breakfast at McDonald's. At least I'm going for the dollar menu -- for the two meals I spent $3.

I drove this morning, for two reasons: one, I didn't want to walk to the station in the cold (although I did it all winter! Attitude is all!) And, I needed to carry a large box, which is not heavy, but awkward. That's always difficult on the train.

My flex debit card is still being denied for transit, so this morning I mailed off two receipts for reimbursement. I'm too close to retirement to worry about fixing the debit card now.

There were treats in the break room this morning for administrative assistants' day. I wasn't hungry but I grabbed a couple of oatmeal cookies to have for breakfast tomorrow. There is fruit, too. I may indulge later, if there's any left.

9 Responses to “When it gets cold, my resolve dissolves...”

  1. chloe Says:

    Snow?!? Oh my goodness! I am with you about attitude -- once it seems like spring has (or should have) come, I have no tolerance for the cold weather. Do you have a small space heater you can use in situations like this? At least then you might be able to be in more areas of your condo?

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Yup, we've had flurries a couple days this week too. Bummed! I definitely have less resolve during a cold snap, plus the sudden weather changes brought on a small cold (this is the 4th day and the symptoms are cycling through pretty quickly, so I hope it'll be done soon).

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Just flakes in the air. Yes, I have a small space heater, but I'm not sure it would be much help. I bought it for warming my feet under my desk at work, and that's about all it's good for. This will pass; I just have to hang in there for a few days!

  4. ThriftoRama Says:

    It's cold here too and it's all relative. It feels WORSE because it's been so warm lately. I'm having a hard time moving and getting motivated, too. I even drove to pick up kid 1 from school today, even though it's .45 miles and I usually walk. I just couldn't deal with the crazy wind and the cold emotionally!

  5. My English Castle Says:

    yep--it was in the 30s when I drove to school, and there was snow on my car and the garage roof. Very nasty feeling. I tried NOT to turn on the heat at home, but it's just too cold.

  6. Buendia Says:

    I am the same way... I get a lot more done when it's warm! When it's cold I crawl under the covers and hibernate. We had snow on Saturday, but now it's getting warmer here which means I can tackle the garage!

  7. snafu Says:

    It's so important to keep your feet toasty warm with sport socks, slippers and head with any hat, tam, toque that feels comfortable. It's easier to ignore the calendar and dress according to temperature. It's often cooler indoors than outside.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Wow .. you guys still have snow? We've been having temps in the 50s/60s this week and I had someone call and complain about standing out in the cold waiting for the bus ... (might've been 45 at the time.)

  9. CB in the City Says:

    Just flurries in the air. The sticking snow is gone. But it's cold! Morning temps are in the 30's.

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