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July 1st, 2015 at 06:26 am

I couldn't get on the site this morning and I almost panicked! I can't do retirement without SA!

So, hello. Here I am on the other side! Retired. Hanging out at home this morning!

Yesterday was a very emotional day. Several people wrote me very heartfelt notes, and I got a lot of warm hugs. Many promises to keep in touch.

Our farewell luncheon took place at a lovely restaurant. I ordered crab cakes and salad; no cost to me, of course! It was very, very nice.

After I packed up and left, I stopped at PetSmart on the way home and spent $20 on kitty litter, cat food, and a fish feeder block. Getting ready for four days away from home.

My variables spending for the month of June ended up being 92% of the budget -- exactly the same as the month before, although all the components were different.

My total spending for the month was $2010. Here is how it broke down:

Housing - $677
Medical/Health - $464
Gifts/Charity - $163
Groceries - $108
Eating Out - $134
Utilities - $154
Vet/Pet Supplies - $102
Gas - $59
Phone - $50
Fees/Services - $43
Laundry - $17
Personal - $16
Entertainment- $9
Furnishings/Equipment/Décor - $8
Fares/Parking - $4
Car Repair/Maintenance - $3
Clothing/Accessories - $1

The medical cost includes three months' payment to Medicare Part B. From here on in, it will come out of my Social Security check.

Gifts included two birthdays.

Eating Out was high because of "last" lunches with friends, and a lot of breakfasts on the road because of time demands. It should be better this month. Though, with eating out being my major social outlet, maybe not!

Vet/Pet Supplies included a vet visit this month.

Gas was higher than usual because of more driving to work than usual.

Fees included a beach pass and ordering a copy of my marriage certificate for Social Security.

Personal included a haircut.

If you're curious the $3 car maintenance was a car wash, and the $1 clothing expense was a scarf bought at a garage sale!

Today I'm getting ready for my trip to Michigan. I just tried on four pairs of capris, and two of them went into the "too small" box. (One of my first goals as a retiree is to get small enough again to wear the clothes in the "too small" box.) Other than packing, I have to process some food that will go bad if I leave it, get the animals all ready to be alone for four days (including cleaning the fish tank), and maybe -- maybe -- getting a manicure/pedicure. I might do that once I get there, though. It's certainly cheaper there!

18 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Hi! Happy first day of retirement! I couldn't get on earlier either.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Happy first day of retirement. A bon voyage of sorts!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Ah, the others beat me to it...happy first day of retirement. Yes, SA was down...didn't like that one bit either!

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    Happy first day of retirement! It looks like you have it all figured out! Happy travels also.

  5. Buendia Says:

    Congratulations and have a great trip!

  6. michdado Says:

    Enjoy your trip CB. I look forward to your posts. Maybe we can look for ways to save $ altogether. (Deals online, coupons, etc.) Snowflakes as CCF would say!

  7. mimaki Says:

    Congrats on your retirement Smile!! Hope you have a nice trip

  8. AnotherReader Says:

    Those folks at the Corner Bakery are going to have to rethink their business plan, now that you aren't stopping there for breakfast! Happy retirement - I know I wouldn't go back no matter what I was offered.

  9. Pnwmom Says:

    Happy first day of retirement! Enjoy your getaway!

  10. Deb Says:

    I thought you would sleep in! On my first day of retirement, I set my alarm for the regular time I had to be up, and made a big deal (to myself) to turn it off, roll over, and go back to sleep. It was wonderful.

  11. Ima saver Says:

    Have a happy new life, C.B.

  12. CB in the City Says:

    I was planning to sleep in, but woke up at the regular time! I think it might take a while for my body clock to adjust.

  13. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Happy happy happy Retirement! Smile

  14. My English Castle Says:

    You made it! Congratulations!

  15. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Congratulations on your retirement milestone! May you adjust quickly and enjoy every moment of it Smile

  16. bluesfemme Says:

    Enjoy the trip, the summer and the new step of the journey! Glad you will keep on blogging :-)

  17. rob62521 Says:

    Happy retirement!

  18. BudgetBrilliance Says:

    Well done on your retirement! Thanks for being so transparent with your spending too. It is a great model for others to aspire to. What gets measured, gets managed! Smile Safe travels!

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