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Waiting for the Window Washer

July 23rd, 2015 at 06:39 am

I'm so excited about getting my windows washed I woke up early this morning!

Just as well, I needed to clear all the windowsills, something I had forgotten to do. I have one kitchen window that is fitted with glass shelves, where I display colored glass objects. I put most of them in the dishwasher -- I will hand wash a few that seem too fragile. And later in the day I'll wash the shelves, which I have removed and have stashed under my hutch. It will be nice to have EVERYTHING sparkling!

My bathroom windowsill was just cluttered with stuff that I use a lot, and I just need to put it back where it belongs. The other windowsills I use to display a few things. I'm going to be more selective about what I put back! They were getting a little too cluttered.

Decluttering my decor makes me realize I need to decide if I am going to have a garage sale. If I do, I won't do it here, I'll go to my BFF's house which is in a better location, and where I would have help. But that would mean packing everything up and hauling it. On the other hand, if I donate to Goodwill, it's easier, but I'll lose out on the extra cash, which I can really use.

I know the last time I had a garage sale, I said to myself "Never again." Too much work for too little profit. But now I have more time..... more stuff .... it might be better!

What to do, what to do....

1 Responses to “Waiting for the Window Washer”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    A garage sale with a friend is so much more fun and gives the added social benefit in addition to some cash! They are work though.

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