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Papers Came -- by Email

July 29th, 2015 at 07:52 am

I should have expected it, but I didn't. The papers I need to sign for doing the consulting job came by email rather than in the mail. That presented a problem, since my printer was running low on ink.

I had to go to Office Depot and buy new ink cartridges, to the tune of $60. (Hate the cost of those cartridges!) But I was able to print off the papers this morning just fine.

That spoiled my no-spending plan. I'm now up to 91% of my budget. This has actually been my highest-spending month since I began tracking this in March. And I still have two days left!

I have to go to the library today to return Outlander. I do not think I will walk. It's really hot and humid. I have my air conditioners on full blast.

Thinking again about my spending next month, I realized that the dentist bill will not have to be paid in August. I'll have the appointment on the 28th, but I'll pay with my flex card (I've been told it's good through the calendar year.) Even if it turns out it is not covered, there will be a lapse of time before it actually has to be paid.

First up will be the car repair. I plan to do that on August 1 to get it out of the way. I have to drive into the city on August 6 (I think) so I want it done by then. On August 6, I'm meeting the person who will eventually take over the Treasurer job on the board. I'll just show her how I do a monthly report -- just a first step for her.

9 Responses to “Papers Came -- by Email”

  1. snafu Says:

    I realize having to print documents was a special circumstance, perhaps you can charge it off as an expense to your new employer if you'll be required to print materials. As a contract worker, it's a legitimate expense against tax.

    I wonder if you've ever considered having printer ink cartridges re-filled. In our area it costs $ 10. per cartridge. Alternatively, it costs $ 10. for a 3-4 fill size bottle of ink + syringe needles from the pharmacy. It's an easy but messy DIY with specific details shown on You Tube for your particular brand.

    The last time I needed to refill cartridges I ended up buying a printer/copier machine on sale for $ 40. I find I use the copier more than I imagined.

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    How does the contract look?

    Begin tracking every cost you can think of for your taxes this year. I have a spreadsheet where I write down every penny toward expenses and business expenses and the like so I can give it to my accountant when I do my taxes.

  3. SecretarySaving Says:

    Can you recoup the cost of toner with what's in the penny jar?

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I will definitely save the receipt for taxes, unless I find that I don't have to print off anything for work. In this case, it just needed to be done so that I could print anything at all!

    Since I was in a rush, I didn't explore the more inexpensive options. However, it doesn't look like my particular cartridges would be easy to fill.

    Every time I have to buy new cartridges, I am tempted to buy a new printer, since it would be cheaper! But only until the new one needed new ink.

    The papers are a W-9, a questionnaire, and a vendor profile. Contract is still to come. I have agreed to $25 per hour, which will translate to about $1000 a month take-home pay. I will start that spreadsheet, Kiki! Is the weekly transit tax-deductible? That will be my biggest expense. Other expenses will be nominal, since it's a writing job, and transmittal will be electronic.

    SS, even if I take money from the penny jar, I still count it as money spent from the budget. It's still my money, whatever the source. I'm not lacking in money right now, I'm just restricting myself to a tight budget so I don't spend down my nest egg.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Have you started Miss Garnet's Angel? I liked it a lot.

  6. SecretarySaving Says:


    I have this printer. Paid $30 for mine and toner is $13. Great reviews!

  7. snafu Says:

    Followup...When you have time, I suggest trying You Tube, printer cartridge refill + brand of your printer for a demo of the process. If that's too 'fiddle faddle,' you might explore locations for flea market type refill operations.

  8. debtfreeme Says:

    CB if you send me an email I can send you the sheet my accountant has me fill out each month for each accounting to her. Of course I save all the receipts (and photo copy them since the new register tape seems to disappear within a few months) by month so that I can show her if needed.

  9. CB in the City Says:

    Sorry, Kiki, I think I must have deleted the message that came to my email account.

    EC, I have already finished Miss Garnet's Angel! I loved it!

    SS, thanks for the printer recommendation! Nice to know there are printers with cheap toner! I don't think I would have the courage to buy a used printer, though!

    Snafu, I might try the refill process when the ink gets low again. No promises, I'm not very handy!

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