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Air Show

August 16th, 2015 at 05:41 am

The air show continues today, although yesterday it was postponed because two parachuters were critically injured after colliding in the air. Didn't I say it? I hate the riskiness of it all. I didn't go to it but heard the planes. I hear them now -- practicing, maybe?

I did go to the library and donated the bag of stuff. I parked a couple of blocks away to avoid paying for parking, and it was a hot walk with a heavy bag. Sometimes I really shake my head at what I will do to save a quarter.

I checked out three more DVD's: The Theory of Everything, Dallas Buyer's Cub, and Boyhood. I'm looking forward to all of them. I did end up watching Sex in the City 2 yesterday before taking the bag to the library. It was pretty silly, and I just can't relate to that obsession with fashion and large-scale living.

Today, however, I will be entertained by PBS' marathon of The Roosevelts. I've seen a couple of episodes, but not the whole production.

Food plans for today are: migas for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, and tuna salad sandwich for dinner. So far I'm still doing fine without a grocery trip, though I am missing my coffee creamer!

I didn't do all the cleaning I was planning on yesterday. Today I still have to steam the floors and clean the fish tank. Somehow, steaming the floors in 90 degree weather doesn't sound good! I'll do it fast!

5 Responses to “Air Show”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I just recently watched two of those movies - Boyhood and The Theory of Everything. I liked both of them, but I think the Theory of Everything was the better of the two. I'm interested to hear what you think. Smile

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I liked the Theory of Everything too--Boyhood is very free form. While people love the air shows around here, my east-side living friends hate it. It can be very loud.

  3. Mrs. Frugalista Says:

    Ironically, I watched Sex in the City 2 last summer and last week I watched the original Sex in the City movie. I loved the first one a lot more than the second one. I'm not into fashion and shoes like they are but I enjoyed it.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Like your comment...things you do to save a quarter...don't we all? I find myself thinking, ah, it's just a couple of bucks for convenience, then beat myself up over it thinking I could have done without. No winning!

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Just heard that one of the parachuters died. This really upsets me. I wish they wouldn't do these stupid shows!

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