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Put In Some Hours

October 17th, 2015 at 02:53 pm

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working. I set the timer for one hour two different times, and I was surprised at how the time flew. The work I am doing is interesting, so when the timer goes off, I have to make myself stop. Overall, though, I like getting paid by the hour. It keeps me from spending too much time on wild goose chases -- always a problem when you're doing research.

I didn't go out all day. I was planning to -- I was going to surprise my grandson by joining him for lunch at school -- but I was doing laundry and lost track of time. I'll try to do that Monday.

My ears are getting stopped up with wax (I'm a waxer; it's hereditary). A friend is having hearing problems, and she wants to start with getting her ears irrigated -- she's never had it done. So I proposed that we go together. I thought we could just go to Target's clinic, but it appears that Medicare only covers it if I go to my doctor. So much for that. We do go to the same medical practice (though not the same doctor) so maybe we can still make it a joint project. She is very fearful of the procedure, though she will learn it's not painful, just weird-feeling.

Variable spending is at 62%, with 54% of the month gone, so I am catching up.

It's turned cold -- freeze warnings -- but thank goodness, the boiler is on and the radiators are working. Last year, the cold came early and I had some miserable days before the boiler was fired up.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Egg casserole, clementine
Lunch: Pizza bread, veggies
Dinner: Chipped beef on toast, veggies

2 Responses to “Put In Some Hours”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What kind of research are you doing for the museum?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Employment info for donor records.

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