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Work and the Carless State

October 29th, 2015 at 02:29 pm

Yesterday I went to work, without my car. I had to take two trains and a bus, and also walked a bit. This is not the same train system I used before, so I am unfamiliar with it. The good news is that it cost me nothing, because I already had $$ loaded onto my card. The bad news is that it was crowded and stressful. For two of the legs of my journey I had to stand in the aisle and hang onto a strap. I was also very nervous about getting off at the right stop and finding my way to the next ride. I managed it all with minor errors -- I twice missed the planned train/bus, but there is always another.... I was very tired when I got home.

I worked 7 hours, plus took an hour for lunch. A friend met me for lunch at the museum. I treated her, and the bill was $18, but I will write it off. We talked extensively about my job and she gave me a lot of input. She was my boss years ago.

So today it is cold and rainy. I have to go to the library and return a book, and I will go on to the grocery store as well. I just have to make sure to buy only enough that I can comfortably carry for the mile I have to walk home.

This carless state is going to be an interesting experiment. Right now I'm feeling like it's definitely worth it to own a car!

6 Responses to “Work and the Carless State”

  1. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Why are you carless? Did I miss something? How long did the commute take?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am having my car painted, which will take 9 days. I didn't really time the commute, but I would say it was about 2 hours each way.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yeah, I like the idea of being carless .. but the reality of it, I don't think I'd care for too much at all. Especially since we have a limited public transportation system here.

  4. My English Castle Says:

    I could be carless in London, but not here. I'd like to have us at one car, but don't think that's even possible without a lot of juggling.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I have a lot of public transportation available, but it is not as easy as jumping in the car. On the other hand, parking is not a problem!

  6. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    Wow a good test to see how it is without a car.

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