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Need to Get to Work

November 10th, 2015 at 02:09 pm

Well, I have to get some work done today, I didn't do it yesterday. But I did get a bunch of little things done and out of my way. I mailed my granddaughter's birthday present ($10) and I deposited some checks for the board. Then I went to the drugstore and bought some insoles for plantar fasciitis. ($11) My foot is getting no better. I hope these will at least make the heel pain more bearable. I also stopped at the library and picked up a book, Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope, her modern take on the classic. All of this had to be done on foot, so it took some time.

So today I can't procrastinate any more; I have to get some work done. What is making me drag my feet is having to work on an unfamiliar laptop and having to learn to use some unfamiliar web-based services. I just have to plough through and do it. After all, I have to actually go to work tomorrow!

I looked at train & bus routes again. I was sure there was a bus that went straight to the museum. I was right -- it runs on weekends! So I'll be taking the same basic route, but I'm going to try a different bus that will take me to the same stop. Maybe it will be less crowded. I'm also going to transfer trains earlier in the route, in hopes of getting a seat.

This really, really, has to be the last time, doesn't it?

Tomorrow my boss and her boss are treating me to lunch. It will be a lunch meeting, to touch base on how the projects are going. But I'm super glad to be getting anything free!

My variables spending is now at 32%. With the month 33% gone, that's perfect! But I still have the cat adoption fee coming up, and Thanksgiving travels. My son's birthday -- and then Christmas right on its heels! It's amazing how time is flying.

4 Responses to “Need to Get to Work”

  1. Kiki Says:

    According to my PT and my Doctor Plantar Fasciitis is caused by a tightening of the calf and muscles of the leg which then tightens the foot and causes the pain.

    The best thing to do is really stretch out the calf muscles as often and as much as you can. One of the best ways is to stand on a stair facing the up direction and let your ankles and feet slowly lower toward the ground. Just hang there a few times a day.

    Also, can you roll a frozen water bottle under your foot? Or a tennis ball to help stretch out the foot tendons and ligaments? Helps tremendously.

    By really focusing on my stretching I have been able to stop the PF from reoccurring. It took me a year to find relief but the stretching really helps it!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope your new train/bus route works better! And that your car is finished up really soon!!

  3. bluesfemme Says:

    Thanks for the advice Kiki - recently discovered (podiatrist) I walk on my toes instead of heels, which is causing hip displacement and have far too tight calves. Good luck to you both to sorting/remaining sorted on yours.

  4. Arpita Sharma Says:

    Nice post! This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to more times ! Thanks for informative post.

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