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Day Twenty-Six

March 18th, 2016 at 03:25 pm

Day Twenty-Six was a planned cheat day. I don't know how many calories I consumed, but it was well over the limit. I figure I will do this for special occasions, but I will have to be careful about how many "special occasions" I have. I'm thinking I should limit cheat days to once a month, and only for a good reason, so, say if April goes by without a special occasion, I don't just create a cheat day for the fun of it. Make sense?

The dinner was a success; everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time. I made quite a mess in the kitchen but I've got it down to one sinkful of dishes waiting to go into the dishwasher.

Today I'm getting ready to go to Indiana for three days to visit my BFF. We are trying to visit once a month, alternating between her home and mine. Since we are both retired, it should be doable. I wish she lived in my area, but this is the next best thing. With her blessing, I am taking my laundry there, which will save me both in quarters and stair-climbing.

Before yesterday's dinner I went to Target, intending to buy placemats and maybe some flowers. Well, Target doesn't sell flowers (at least my Target doesn't). And the placemats were not what I had in mind, so I passed on them. But I did find three plain white platters, half-price, on one of the clearance end caps. I snatched them up; they are exactly what I need, an excellent find. I also bought a water bottle and a little gift (recipe book) for my DIL. I spent $33.

I also spent $5 for lunch at McDonalds. I didn't want to worry about making lunch while I was cleaning and prepping for the dinner. I bought myself a Happy Meal, because the portions are small, and I had them add an extra toy, so I would have something for both boys when they came over. And they were delighted with their Hot Wheels!

So I'm at 98% in variables, and it is unlikely I will come in under budget. But last month was only 66%, so I can afford to go over a bit. Just as long as I don't make it a habit!

I will report tonight on my calorie intake today, and then I'll do a catch-up post on Tuesday, when I come home again. I WILL be counting calories, even though I am, so to speak, on vacation!

2 Responses to “Day Twenty-Six”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad the dinner went well!

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