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Day Fifty-Four

April 15th, 2016 at 04:18 pm

Calories: 1600

I spent the whole afternoon in the auto repair shop. I expected to be there only a couple of hours and it stretched to five. I ended up getting a candy bar to tide me over; otherwise my calorie count would have been right in line.

So, the car. I knew that I needed some filters and some work on the suspension. But the check engine light was on, and when they checked that out, it turned out I also needed a new sensor as well as a new battery. I also needed to have the transmission and radiator flushed, some work on the power steering, and have the fuel injectors cleaned. Since I was due for an oil change, they did that, and washed the car as well. So I'm set! I hope! The total cost was $1596 -- that was after about $200 worth of coupons were used.

So, the good news is, my bonus on my new credit card has been earned! (I won't see it till the end of this cycle; what I mean is I've met the requirement.)

But I spent a lot more than expected, so I'm going to try to live austerely for the rest of this credit card cycle (which just started, unfortunately!)

I have already committed to visiting my brother on the last weekend in April, so I will carry through on that. But I'm going to try to cut in other areas; mainly, I'm going to eat out of my pantry and only buy necessities.

I canceled Netflix yesterday. I hadn't been using it much, anyway, and the new billing structure just pushed me off the edge. I will use the library and Redbox. And I will go to movies more. That's the way I really enjoy them -- in the theater -- so I'm giving myself permission to do that. Not now, though, while I'm living austere!

Baseball and soccer are starting up for my grandson, so there will be plenty of free entertainment coming up.

I'm feeling surprisingly upbeat about this big bill. I suppose it is because I have the money, and while I will have to rebuild the slush fund after paying it off, that feels a lot better than going into debt. Or wondering how I will make ends meet. I am so happy to be at this stage of my life.

1 Responses to “Day Fifty-Four”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Check to see if your library uses Hoopla- free movies/tv etc.

    Sorry about the big car bill.

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