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Day One Hundred Sixteen

June 17th, 2016 at 07:35 am

Calories: 1236

I'm starting to regularly come in lower than my target of 1400 calories. I hope this will make for faster progress, and not slow down my metabolism! Which is already very slow. Years of yo-yo dieting and a hysterectomy. What can I say.

Yesterday was busy. I went to lunch with friends. Because I am trying so hard to stretch my money this month, I ordered a grilled cheese and water for a grand total of $5.45.

After lunch I went to the library, returned KonMari, and checked out two new books.

Then I went to Aldi. I spent $35 and this is what I got: cake mix, coffee, 2 cans of corn, eggs, ice cream, chili powder, Jiffy corn muffin mix, 2 packages of flour tortillas, frosting, kitty litter, ground beef, can of refried beans, salsa, and tortilla chips. The ground beef alone was $10, but I got five pounds.

After I got home and unpacked the groceries I lay down for a minute and fell asleep! And this was after a good night's sleep. I guess the activity just tired me out.

I woke up in time to go to my grandson's Tae Kwan Do class. He is starting his second session. He is very proud to have three stripes on his belt!

In between all this, I also continued "tidying." I'm all done with the clothes, and starting on books. I removed 8 books from my bookcase. I still have to go through cookbooks and coffee table books. The nice thing is that I now have room on my bookcase to place library books, and the books I'm planning to send to my sister.

Variables spending is now up to 91%.

Today I have to go get Father's Day cards for my sons. Once again, I'm late. It won't be a problem for my local son, but the one in Florida will get a late card, I'm afraid. Anyway, it's first on my to-do list to go get cards and then mail the one.

I'm also going to do some laundry, change the bed linens, cook off the ground beef, continue my "tidying" and go to a baseball game.

Had to cancel a dinner with friends in the city -- it was scheduled on DIL's birthday. I'm glad I had a good excuse, because I was going to cancel anyway, due to lack of funds....

I forgot to mention, I did settle upon a gift for my DIL, and I can get it from Kohl's. The catch is I have to order online, and I can't do it till the 20th if I want to use my Kohl's cash. Obviously, I won't have the gift in time, but I'll wrap up a picture of it! She has asked for (on Amazon) an 8" GreenPan. Using the Kohl's cash, I'll be able to get it for about $30.

Anyway, I'm still hoping to come in under budget this month, or nearly so!

2 Responses to “Day One Hundred Sixteen”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I love my green pans. LOVE them. They are so easy to clean and they are so light and easy to use.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Never heard of Green pans. They look interesting.

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