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Day One Hundred Eighty

August 20th, 2016 at 01:59 pm

Calories: 1321

I was just getting ready to go the gym, when the skies opened and rain came pouring down. So I guess I'll wait till it clears a little. No reason to get soaked, when I can easily wait.

Other than a load of laundry, I didn't do much of anything yesterday. Financially, I'm in a holding pattern till payday on Wednesday. However, I am concerned about how low my gas tank is getting. I don't think I should chance taking an hour drive on Monday without getting gas first. So I think I'll just get a little bit today, and then do the big fill-up when I go to my old work town on Monday, where the gas is so much cheaper. Variables spending is still 79%, so I'm doing okay, even with that $200 charge for washing windows at the beginning of this budget cycle.

EDIT: I almost forgot -- I did one frugal activity yesterday -- or non-activity. It was peak savings day -- a two-hour period in which to dramatically reduce electrical usage. I turned everything off -- AC, lights, TV, appliances, etc. I just lay on my bed and dozed and read by natural light. Soon I will get a text telling me how much I saved, which will be a credit on my next bill.

3 Responses to “Day One Hundred Eighty”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Oh, NICE. I love little incentives like the one your utility company offered you. I only had a chance to do something similar once, years ago. You had a quarter during which if you were able to reduce your overall consumption to below what you used a year prior during the same period, you earned some kind of discount.

    I don't know why they don't do that more often.

  2. snafu Says:

    Terrific to use incentives like the one offered by your electric utility. I wonder if other utilities offer inducements which are not promoted very well. Perhaps users don't know about different promotions. My neighbor whose unit is identical to mine, was grumbling about her hydro increase and asked to see my bill. I was surprised to learn her bill was substantially higher. While she's lived in this city a lot longer than I, she was totally unaware that the rates fluctuate depending on power drain. Our utility sells excess power to other communities on use dips so they charge less for off hours than 9-5. I've always made it a point to run appliances early or after 7 PM and it does make more of a difference than I imagined.

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That's a great idea to switch off various power items during peak period! We don't really do this but we do have our hot tub set to switch on each day in off peak period which kind of brings the cost down. In fact, we should probably spend more time looking into this as we had a big news story during the week that we are being charged far higher gas prices than what we export! The story is that we Australians are being charged $13.90 per gigajoule yet we export gas and charge Japan $8.42 per gigajoule. Our main gas items used in our home are cooking and heating (I can't remember if we have gas or electric HWS). In terms of electricity we are told 7am - 10pm is peak period.

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