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November 1st, 2016 at 04:42 am

Last night I went trick or treating with the grandsons (and their parents, and various other relatives and friends). It was a big group, and we had a lot of fun. It is so much fun to celebrate Halloween in our neighborhood. The neighbors really dress up their houses with all the spooky effects, and since they live in older, turn-of-the-century houses, they look fantastic!

I ended up walking quite a bit. I gave in went I felt I'd had enough, but it wasn't soon enough. My hips and legs ached tremendously, and I slept very poorly. Now that I can only take Tylenol, I don't get the pain relief I used to.

I think the Crestor is still very much in my system and working against me. Can't wait to get some relief. I hope they really have another statin that will work for me without causing pain.

Anyway, my sleep was so disturbed, I ended up getting up at 4. When I am up and moving around, the pain is not so bad. I don't believe I could have possibly slept more than a couple of hours. I hope I can stay alert today. I only have to work four hours today, but there is the commute, too.

So... I'm supposed to be talking about money, right? Not much to report. I didn't spend anything yesterday. Today I'll pay my wheel tax and renew my AARP membership. I have to get the insurance issue settled, too. I didn't have time to do it yesterday. I guess that's it!

4 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. michelle Says:

    CB - hope you feel better soon. On a side note, do you like being a member of AARP... trying to decide if its a good decision to join.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I use the AARP card when I book motels (though they often don't ask for it). It's also good for discounts at a lot of restaurants. The trick is remembering to use it.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed your Halloween. Our Main Street is like that too, and the decorated homes attract so many families from outside the immediate area that they ask for donations becus individual homeowners spend hundreds on candy.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope you get this figured out soon1

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