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$50 to the Foot Doctor

November 17th, 2016 at 11:08 pm

I got billed $50 by the podiatrist. (The bill is online -- I don't get mail that fast!) It appears the charge is for the office visit. I may be okay on the orthotics. It looks like insurance paid in full. They were quite a bit cheaper than I expected them to be.

I wore them for six hours today (though most of the time I was not on my feet). Still having no problems. The people at the podiatrist's office were very insistent that I build up slowly, and that I might experience some pain or discomfort, but I think I'm going to have an easy adjustment.

I had a poor night's sleep last night and felt very groggy at work today. I did the best I could and put in four hours. My boss was out sick, so that made it easy to leave early. Hoping to sleep well tonight and be fresh (and more productive) tomorrow.

I got my $5 Starbucks coupon via email. I was hoping for a gift card, as I wanted to use it as a stocking stuffer. I think I may use the virtual coupon to buy a gift card, adding some cash to make it a $20 card. It would be a good gift for my DIL.

I really need to get going on Christmas shopping, but I still have my son's birthday to worry about. I think he may get an Amazon card, since I am so lousy at picking out gifts. With an Amazon card, he can get whatever he wants.

I'm not even any good at shopping from Amazon wish lists! One year I misread the page and bought my son "best sellers" instead of what was on his list. It was pretty funny.

I need to think about what I'll take to Thanksgiving, too. Last year my brother asked me to make cranberry relish. He hasn't asked for anything this year. I may just take pistachios for the snacking over the weekend.

Can you tell I am really low energy? I hope that will change as I get used to my condition and get more sleep. Or maybe my energy will come back when I stop working! But I'll work as long as they want me to; I can't turn down the money.

2 Responses to “$50 to the Foot Doctor”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I hate it too when I don't get any sleep. I have to load up on caffeine the next day! I hope you get a better night sleep!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad the orthotics seem to be helping so far. I hope your energy returns - low-energy stinks!

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