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Cyber Monday -- Just Another Day

November 29th, 2016 at 11:15 pm

Yesterday -- Cyber Monday -- was a big spending day for me, though I don't think I got any particular bargains. I ordered Christmas presents directly from wish lists. I spent $399 on gifts. That included a $75 discount -- $50 for accepting a new Amazon credit card, and $25 for using the MyPoints reward. I also signed up for Amazon Prime for $99. Maybe dumb, but I do expect to use Amazon more this year, and it has the extra advantage of streaming, which will be nice since I no longer have Netflix. And I saved on the shipping for the gifts I just ordered.

I pretty much finished shopping for my kids and grandkids. Still need to get some gift cards, though, and a few little things for friends and such. And I have one more package to send, with stuff I collected through the year. I hope I can enjoy the season a little more once these chores are over. I have yet to bring the tree up from the basement -- I think I'll have my son do it this weekend, when I make his birthday dinner. And get my grandsons to help with the decorating.

I also spent $14 on groceries, $2 on a prescription, $356 for my assessment fee, $3 on laundry, and $22 for my gas bill (natural gas, not gasoline).

Today I spent $4 for food at work. Nothing I needed; it was just craving and silliness.

I'm back in the swing of going to the gym now, though, which makes me feel good.

I found some kidney-friendly cookbooks to download from the DaVita site, and I've been looking through them for ideas. The diet is restrictive, but not Draconian. I just need to relearn what is healthy for me -- not necessarily what is healthy for everyone else. And I have to be careful not to gain back weight by pigging out on the few treats that are legal. For instance, I just ate a bowl of sherbet -- legal, yes, low-calorie, no.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yum! Sherbet - can't remember the last time I had that.

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