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Now My Sink is Clogged

December 5th, 2016 at 04:57 am

I don't think it was related to the installation of the dishwasher -- it was slowing down dramatically already, and I think some fatty liquid escaped while I was preparing the beef ribs. Anyway, a whole bottle of Drano didn't help. The sink is full of gross water.

I haven't been able to run the dishwasher yet, because I know it would be a disaster with a clogged drain!

Since this happened on Sunday (of course), I did not call a plumber. And I had to cook my son's birthday dinner at his house, which turned out fine, but it was a lot of schlepping.

I'm going to work this morning, but I'll call a plumber when I get there, and I hope to set up an appointment late this afternoon.

I have to take Wednesday off to watch the grandkids, so perhaps Wednesday morning would be a good time to have the plumber in, though I'll have to live with no sink until then.

My spending yesterday:

$100 for a gift card
$18 for stocking stuffers
$8 for Drano
$7 for batteries
$6 for groceries
$9 for lunch at Pie Five

I am not counting gifts this month in my variables -- Christmas spending comes out of savings; it's too big a chunk to cash flow. My variables are at 38%. If I could hold it here, my variables for the year would even out at 100%. Probably not possible, though. Definitely not possible. So I've exceeded my limit, and will have to be more careful next year. My net worth is fine, though. My extra income has helped a lot.

5 Responses to “Now My Sink is Clogged”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Bummer! Have you tried hot water and liquid dishwashing soap? It has worked for us sometimes. We also have a plunger we use only on the sink. A plumber will get the job done for sure!

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Our bathroom sink was clogged in our old place, and we used one of those tiny plungers on it. Worked like a charm!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    The Drano bottle says not to plunge -- should have tried that before I used it! The sink is full to the brim of dirty water, so I can't pour anything else in. Luckily the plumber is coming this afternoon.

  4. ThriftoRama Says:

    Hmmm. Now that the drano is sitting in there, it seriously limits your options, as it could chemical burn you!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    could you scoop water out so it's not so full, and then try other options?

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