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What a Relief!

December 11th, 2016 at 06:31 am

This morning I thought I had lost my driver's license. It wasn't in my wallet; it wasn't in my purse; it wasn't in my car; it wasn't in my coat pockets; it wasn't on my desk. Finally I found it in a zippered section of my purse I had overlooked. Now I remember putting it there when I was boarding a plane.

It was going to be ugly getting it replaced, so I am so glad I found it.

The reason I even noticed was that I bought myself a new wallet yesterday and I was transferring the contents of the old one. I paid .01 for the wallet! I had a $10 DSW coupon and the wallet was marked down to $10! It is a bright teal and white striped affair, so it will be easy to spot in my bag. The old one was really falling apart.

I mailed my Florida package yesterday -- $18. Parking at the post office was .25.

Then, after my stop at DSW, I went to Hallmark to buy ornaments. I always try to get Christmas ornaments for the grandsons that reflect their Halloween outfits. I found a baseball player for one of them, but nothing for Robin Hood. I'll probably have to go online to find something for that. I also picked up a candle for my BFF and some gift wrap supplies. The total bill was $13, because I had $10 in coupons.

I still had a $5 coupon for Kohl's. I ended up spending $9 without using the coupon, because it wasn't in effect yet! I bought earrings and a necklace for BFF and DIL. Great deals -- the necklace alone was originally $50.

From there I went to GS1's flag football game, where I spent $4 on Gatorade from the vending machine for the boys. I was really starting to drag, because a cold is trying to take hold and I had awakened at 4am. So from there I went home and tried to rest. But I wanted to catch up on laundry before the snow started (because the snow gets on the steps to the basement). I did 3 loads - $4.50 - and then I finally slept.

My DIL's mother was admitted to the hospital this weekend. She is jaundiced, and they found a blockage near her liver. She was released and she is going back tomorrow to have the blockage cleared. It's all a little scary, because they don't know until they get in there what is causing the blockage. If it is a tumor pressing on the duct, then it is not good news.

She is planning on going on the cruise with us, and mostly seems upset that this might upset the plan. I am just hoping for a quick resolution and a good prognosis.

We have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground this morning, and lot more expected today. I don't plan on going anywhere, and I just hope the roads are clear tomorrow. Needless to say, the girlfriend luncheon is off; we are having trouble rescheduling and it may not happen till after I get back from the cruise.

4 Responses to “What a Relief!”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Where I work I'm constantly having to ask people for their id. It's amazing to me how many people have to spend five+ minutes looking for it - or just don't have it with them at all. I have one spot mine always goes back into, and I can't imagine a scenario where I'd go somewhere without it on me. (To purchase low income pass, the only "proof" required is a photo id. That still proves to be difficult for some people - more than a few poorer people walk around with no form of id.)

    Anyway -your story of looking for your license made me think of this. Smile

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Hope DIL's mother will be ok! Glad you found your license!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about DIL's mom; hope it is something simple and not a tumor. Glad you found your license. That is a scary thought of losing it. A couple of years ago Illinois allowed me to renew mine through the mail. I sent in the money, received the new one and thought I was smart in putting what I thought was the old one in the shred pile. (It was identical except for the expiration date). Well you, guessed, it shredded the new one. I had to go to DMV to get a replacement. Fortunately the clerk had a sense of humor and he took my old one so it wouldn't happen again.

    Saw the forecast for you...hope you don't get too much snow. Right now, downstate, we are just getting some spitting rain, but it is still kind of raw.

  4. alice4now Says:

    Hoping that your DIL's mother's health issue is not too serious, and that you all are able to enjoy the cruise together.

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