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Oh, brother!

December 21st, 2016 at 03:44 pm

If you looked at the comments on my last post, you will see that Another Reader very nicely informed me that today is not my pay day. For some reason, I thought it was coming a week early.

Therefore, all my calculations will have to be redone next Wednesday. I'm kind of glad, actually. This will be a truer representation of not only my monthly spending, but my annual spending.

I bought C. a pair of pajamas today. I found a nice, soft set at Marshall's for only $20. I also gave $10 to a school fundraiser.

I got my annual notice from Social Security letting me know what my income will be next year. It will be exactly the same.

I logged into my homeowner's portal to update my automatic payment for assessments fees. They are going up by 5%.

I just prepared another invoice for the museum, another $1,100 to come in. I'm working tomorrow, and Tuesday through Thursday next week. I won't work again until after the cruise, so I'll probably prepare another small invoice to capture the remaining hours in 2016.

I made a shepherd's pie today out of leftovers. It's only fair, but it will be cheap eating for the next few days.

I went to my grandson's stage production of the Nutcracker today -- he was a snowflake, and pretty darn cute, I have to say!

The weather has become more temperate, which is very nice after the polar temperatures of the last few days. It's supposed to rain on Christmas Day! Oh well, that will wash away a lot of the grimy slush.

4 Responses to “Oh, brother!”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    The good news is that because you are already on Social Security, you are "held harmless" from the full effect of increases in Medicare Part B premiums. However, any increase in your Social Security less than the increase in the Medicare Part B premium goes to Medicare. That's why your benefit did not increase. You could be looking at a permanently flat Social Security amount as a result of "hold harmless."

  2. Carol Says:

    AR-- that's interesting about the flattening effect of hold harmless.The drug plan that worked for me this year gained us a few dollars more a month. I have learned you have to check each year if you have regular Medicare and part D.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    When I turn 70 I will switch from the spousal benefit which I am currently receiving to my own benefit, which will be an increase. Do you know, AR, if the Part B premium increases will kick in then?

  4. Dido Says:

    Once you are on SS, you are subject to "hold harmless" and the increase will be moderate...basically your SS COLA will offset it, so your net SS will stay the same or go down slightly over time. It's people just starting SS and those with higher incomes who will get hit by the Medicare premium increase...especially in 2018 and beyond (which is determined by 2016 mAGI...there is a two year lag).

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