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Cost-Free Childcare!

March 27th, 2017 at 04:00 pm

Well, I babysat the grandsons all day today and did not spend anything. I made them lunch, and deflected requests to go to the arcade. To make up for the arcade, I made them milk shakes and popcorn in the afternoon.

On Wednesday I'm going to take them to the museum. I'm going to pack snacks, because the food there is expensive! But I will get in free, and so will they, because they are members. The major cost will be the gas to get there and back.

Getting back to my mother's life, I came to an entry where she went to Chicago for the first time! She went with my father (still not married to him) and his mother to visit with his aunts for the weekend. She even put the address in her entry, so I Googled it and found that it is about a half a block from the train line I commuted on every day -- probably could have seen it from my window! It is an area that is very sad and downtrodden now, but it looks like it was once a charming row of houses. She went to the Field Museum (which is not my museum) and did some unspecified sightseeing. She seemed excited to be in the big city.

She also mentioned several times, with excitement, that her uncle has received compensation checks. I was wondering about their financial situation, given that he was hospitalized for months with no apparent income, and underwent two surgeries and a long convalescence. Apparently he got some kind of compensation after the fact. She herself does not seem to worry about money, but she is working and living at home, and doesn't have any expenses. She seems to spend mostly on movies, clothes and gifts. She does not mention helping out her aunt and uncle, but then, it would be perfectly feasible that she did and saw no reason to mention it in her diary.

2 Responses to “Cost-Free Childcare!”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Very interesting to learn about her Chicago trip. It's great when you have an address since it's so easy to look up these days.

    Your story reminded me of the address in Philly where my grandmother grew up. I learned the area today is very downtrodden, especially obvious looking at the real estate prices on Zillow. But from talking to my cousin I learned the area was always sort of down on its luck and sort of borderline, but things went downhill even more quickly after they built low-income high rises about a block away and the crime rate spiked. My cousin said he never knew any differently so he thought it was "normal" when he was growing up.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Your mom's diary is so much fun for many of us.

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