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Lazy Day

April 15th, 2017 at 02:24 pm

Today I went to a movie with my grandson - $13 for the two of us, plus $6 on treats. I spent $19 on groceries and I slipped two ten's into Easter cards which I will give tomorrow. So that's about $60, about what I was predicting.

I should be assembling the macaroni salad, but I came back from the movie tired and drained. No reason, either! GS was well-behaved and I was not stressed out at all. It could be the sudden surge of warm weather, making me lazy. I also took a walk in addition to my bicyling at the gym -- and I've eaten junk food all day, so I'm not even reporting on my menu.

Anyway, I will make the salad tomorrow. I have plenty of time before the 4:00 dinner. Just have to be sure it has time to cool in the fridge. For now, I am cooking off the rest of the chicken so I will have it to use in recipes.

I found a penny, and I earned $5.29 in coupons (which I add to snowflakes.)

I'm so tired, I think I will go lie down.

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