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Still raining

May 2nd, 2017 at 04:46 pm

Get out the ark! It just won't stop.

After being so strategic about timing my visit to PF to get the free pizza -- it wasn't there. I arrived at about 5 and left around 6. I waited a bit to see if it would arrive, and when a delivery van from Sarpino's arrived I thought that was it! But the driver delivered a personal size pizza to one of the staff members. That made me think there was no pizza on the horizon. Why would a staff member order pizza on free pizza day? I thought I must have the day wrong.

But it WAS the first Monday, so somehow I missed the window -- or they just didn't do it. Which was totally okay; I really wasn't even that hungry.

This morning after the gym I went to PetSmart to stock up on cat food, cat litter and fish food. Spent $57 -- nothing was on sale. That pushed my variables up to 48%, but at least I should be set on pet supplies for a while.

I used my new AAA Mastercard, so that's the first $57 toward the $500 I need to spend in 90 days.

Later today I will get my hair cut and buy some moisturizer.

Today's menu: Breakfast - breakfast casserole. Lunch - Tomato bake, peas. Dinner - Tuna melt, broccoli.

I'm going to be doing the driving on our girlfriends' weekend, so I have to empty the car. Right now I have children's car seats, a quilt, a box of reusable bags, a case of water bottles, a sun hat, an umbrella and a folding chair in the car. I like to carry all those things, but I have to make room for suitcases. My one friend, in particular, always overpacks and will no doubt have a huge bag.

But I have to pick up the boys from school tomorrow, so I'll put off the process until they are safely home.

Haven't packed yet -- I'm still going over in my mind what I'll wear. I was picturing warmer and sunnier weather, so I'm going to have to make some changes.

I hate getting ready for a trip, but I love it when I'm ON the trip!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I wonder why they didn't have the pizza? I don't know if my PF had it yesterday or not - I went, but was pretty zoned out from the day.

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