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May 17th, 2017 at 02:25 pm

SIL did come down yesterday and she did have a thorough tour of my place. So glad I cleaned up! We went to lunch at a barbecue place and she insisted upon paying. Later on I spent $2 on water for the two of us.

The auction we attended was high-end. Lots of gold jewelry and precious gems. SIL really wanted to see the furniture sell, since she is wanting to learn how to price it, but after several hours they weren't even close to auctioning the furniture. I had to leave for GS1's baseball game. It turned out he couldn't play, because he got his finger closed in a door, so I texted her that I could go back and sit with her. She replied that she was leaving soon anyway.

But despite all that, it was a good day, and it was good to see her.

I not only got a free lunch, but a free dinner, since there were enough leftovers to take home.

Today I'm doing some laundry, and I'm going to get another set of keys cut. My son has an extra set, but I want C to have one, too. She will help with pet care while I am in Florida.

It's finally gotten warm, and I slept with open windows and ceiling fan running last night!

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