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Vacation Dread

May 18th, 2017 at 02:31 pm

In a way, I am dreading my trip to Florida. I hate to be away from home for as long as a week. I would be okay if it weren't for my pets at home. But I worry about them. My son checks in on them every day (and sometimes brings the boys to play with them) but, on the other hand, he is not the animal lover that I am, so I don't think it's a priority with him. This time he is leaving town for the last three days, so I'm going to ask C to check on them. She has offered in the past. Of course, I hate to have to ask her, but perhaps she will like feeling useful.

Anyway, that's why I had a another set of keys cut yesterday ($8).

I also worry about the temperature in the house. I don't have a thermostat to set. At this time of year, comfort is controlled by open windows and fans. I have to leave the house sealed up for safety's sake. I suppose the cats will just sleep a lot if it gets too warm.

Also, for some reason I am nervous about flying this time. (This is something that comes and goes.) If I flew more, I would probably get used to it, but I can't shake the feeling that it is unsafe, and I love to get back on solid ground again.

I am flying Allegiant, which only operates at smaller airports, so I have to drive to Indy to fly. That has the bonus of getting to see BFF, but I have to inconvenience her with parking my car at her house and getting a ride to the airport. (Parking for a whole week at the airport is beyond my budget.) So I worry about that. And of course it adds about six hours of drive time to my trip.

On the other hand, I get to see my son, DIL and grandchildren -- and I haven't seen them since last September! So I must get over these feelings and start looking forward to the treat in store!

I also need to start thinking about what to pack. I'm taking one carry-on bag. I want to pack a couple of outfits for the kids and my DIL's birthday present, which is a necklace and two paperback books. I think I will pack three outfits for myself (capris and t-shirts), one pair of pj's, and one pair of shoes. I'll be doing laundry there, anyway. Minimal toiletries, too.

Variables spending is at 82%. Since the end of this cycle will essentially come when I leave on Saturday, I'm doing well there.

Anyway, that's my rumination about vacation preparation. Thanks for letting me think out loud!

3 Responses to “Vacation Dread”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I feel dread about my upcoming vacation too. I just didn't get the gene where I look forward to all the logistics. My stress is more about TSA/customs and the 10-hour plane ride. Someone reliable is taking care of our house/pets/kids, though I am sure I could stress about that too if I think too much about it. Wink

    But all that said, I go because I know I will enjoy at least a wee little bit while I am there. So take a deep breath, and I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Dido Says:

    I'm going to Las Vegas next month on business and I have the same fears--I hate leaving my cats even though I pay a sitter to check on them twice a day, and flying makes me nervous, especially since I haven't done it in nearly six years now. Hopefully your friend will sit with them a while too to let the place cool down if it is hot. THese mats ( also help. My kitties used them last summar and I just put them out for the season today (with treats to lure the cats on to them and remind them that the pad is nice and cool).

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    While we were in CA my DH was SO anxious about leaving the house for a week - the cats, flooding, etc.

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