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Busy Thursday

June 30th, 2017 at 02:08 pm

Well, today brings another doctor visit. I will see my GP. Yesterday I felt so much better than I have for a couple of weeks! Yet, at night, the leg pain started up and I was awake well past 1 am. This is what I want to discuss with him.

Yesterday I picked up kitty litter at PetSmart for $20, saving $2. It was a big box; it should last the month.

Then I went to Aldi and spent $26. Bought 15 items, but what really matters is that they fit into two bags and I could carry them up the stairs in one trip. Purchases were brown sugar, salad, celery, frozen salmon, OJ with Vitamin D, cake mix, eggs, raisins, chocolate chips, applesauce, creamer, graham crackers, Ritz-type crackers, ranch dressing, and dry-roasted peanuts.

The cake mix is to make cupcakes for DIL's birthday. I'm trying to get the family together for lunch at a hibachi place (I have a Groupon), but scheduling is difficult. Hoping to get it done on Sunday. Her birthday was the 23rd (while I was in Florida). I hate to let too much time pass. I've got most of her birthday presents and they need to be wrapped -- one small gift from Amazon will not arrive till next week, however.

My semi-annual auto insurance payment is scheduled to be withdrawn tomorrow. That is why my slush fund is so low right now. Got to work to get that up, but unfortunately I have so many things to do -- auto tuneup and oil change, eye doctor, dentist, vet -- not even anything that's fun! And I want to replace my Skecher sneaker clogs, which are fraying and disgraceful.

Grandson won his baseball game last night. It was a dramatic ending! Just at the game was finishing up, a lightning warning sounded. We all had to gather our things and seek shelter. (There's a big senior center right by the field, so we imposed on them.) After about 20 minutes are so, the game resumed. It was the bottom of the sixth, our team was one point ahead, but we were in the field. Could have gone bad, but our pitcher struck out the other team's batter 1-2-3 and we won!

There is another game today and then the tourney begins on Saturday.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I just am going to throw out a suggestion. If you have Netflix, watch "What The Health" Or .. check out the book by Dr Greger "How Not To Die." It may offer you another idea on how to help the leg pain, etc. He also has a website with lots of videos. Something to try at least.

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