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Yesterday's Spending

August 24th, 2017 at 01:25 pm

I paid a $41 medical bill, spent $33 on groceries, $24 on pet supplies, $11 on postage, $36 on gifts, and $2 on entertainment.

The groceries: my 10 items at Aldi were bread, crackers, granola, vanilla wafers, butter, croutons, salad, mayo, honey, and almond milk. Then I went to Jewel to buy lactose-free creamer and sherbet.

The pet supplies were a container of kitty litter and a gravel vacuum. I had a $3 coupon for the kitty litter. But I forgot to bring an additional $5 coupon. The cash register spit out another one, so now I have two. Since they have an expiration date, I'm going to get two more containers today. The litter I like is on sale as well.

The gifts were an Amazon order for my grandson's upcoming birthday. He loves red pandas, so I got him a stuffed toy and a T-shirt that says, "Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be a Red Panda." Or something like that. By accepting the somewhat slower free shipping, I earned a $5 credit for Amazon Prime Now.

The $2 was for a PowerBall ticket, which yielded nothing but an evening of dreams.

Today, when I get going, I'm going to get a curtain rod for my "new" garage-sale curtains, and some more groceries.

My variables are at 20%.

Still feeling pretty good. I can tell my knee is not functioning correctly, but at least it doesn't hurt.

1 Responses to “Yesterday's Spending”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry you didn't win the Powerball. It was fun dreaming, though, wasn't it?

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