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Another Errand Day

August 25th, 2017 at 02:16 pm

Yesterday I did a little more shopping. I started out at Walgreen's, where I bought three bottles of conditioner. I got the third bottle free, and 1,000 points in rewards. Total cost was $14. These are large bottles. I'm set for conditioner for quite a while.

Then I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a drapery rod for $40. That was the price after a 20% reduction. I looked for cheaper options, but this one had the look and sturdiness I desired.

While at BB&B, I found a Christmas gift for DIL, a vegetable crisper/carrier. It was half-price; $6. I also bought a device to catch hair in my bathtub drain -- unfortunately it does not fit and I'll have to take it back today.

Then I went to PetSmart and got two more containers of kitty litter, using two $5 coupons. Final price was $20.

Finally, I went to Aldi and got 11 more items: eggs, syrup, salsa, hamburger buns, dark chocolate bar, frozen salmon, coffee, ground beef, shredded cheese, pizza and ice cream. Total was $41.

I still haven't bought much in the way of produce. I may do that at the farmer's market on Saturday.

I also got some gas for $27 and bought a sausage biscuit at McDonald's for $2.

So today I have to go back to BB&B -- and I'm going to stop at a new Skecher outlet which is on the way. I want to see if they have anything similar to the sneaker clogs I have loved to death.

Another goal today is to cook off the ground beef and make spaghetti sauce and sloppy joe filling.

And I need to get a haircut. I have a $3 coupon toward that.

Variables are already at 41%, and I'm planning to go see BFF next week.

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