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Going to the Doctor Today

October 20th, 2017 at 02:12 pm

I have an appointment in about an hour. This is a follow-up on my knee, plus, I will get my flu shot. I'm not even sure what I will tell him about my knee -- I have a different pain in a different place every day, and sometimes it's my other knee! And sometimes it's my hip! I think I'm dealing with generalized joint deterioration. I also have muscle spasms in my thighs, but I think that comes on with fatigue.

My upper body continues to be fine. Smile

I know I need to get into a place where I don't have to climb stairs, but the timing is so bad. My son may move somewhere else when he finishes his degree in December, but I don't know where! So I don't want to relocate somewhere here in town, because I don't know whether I would want to stay without their presence, follow them, or go back to my hometown where my brother is. Also, with my gap year coming up in July, it will be a bad time financially to look for a new home. It would be much better to relocate after my gap year is done, but that will be in August/September 2019.

I really hate the very thought of a move.

I managed not to spend anything yesterday. I have only five days to go before pay day.

Yesterday I made autumn soup (kind of a variation on refrigerator soup -- I used cheese sauce, beef broth, broccoli and carrots, and a roux to thicken it. It was pretty good! I'm going to finish it up today.

I also made chicken fajita filling. I had fajitas for dinner and will have another serving today. So no cooking today is necessary.

2 Responses to “Going to the Doctor Today”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I thought of you the other day,CB, when my 66-year-old brother was wondering if they made the right decision to buy a townhome with two levels. He's a little overweight and some arthritis in his hips, so I wonder too.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I'm sorry about your pain. It is frustrating when you can't pinpoint it.

    I totally get the dread of a move. Especially when things are so uncertain. Hopefully good will come of this.

    Your soup sounds yummy!

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