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Wow, It's Cold!

December 30th, 2017 at 06:16 am

I'm not going to the gym today, or running any errands. I do need to walk over to my son's house to feed the cats, and I'll also go downstairs to do another load of laundry. But those will be my only ventures into the great outdoors.

I paid my big Discover bill this morning, which covers a lot of my Christmas spending. In a few days, my auto insurance premium will be withdrawn.

Meals today will be the rest of the fried rice, and spinach salad. I have some leftover chicken and mushrooms and evaporated milk, so I'm planning to make a cream sauce to blend with both and serve over noodles. But I won't do that until tomorrow since I already have plenty of food to eat up today.

I got a renewal notice for AARP. It is only $16, and I do use it for hotels and Walgreens discounts -- and restaurants, when I remember. But since I have dallied about renewing, they are now offering a luggage organizer set as a bonus. Looks like the set is comprised of four zippered containers in graduated sizes. I think it might make a good gift in my upcoming gap year, so I think I'm going to go for the renewal.

I intended to get more Christmas lights yesterday, but Walgreens was out of the clear ones. I even checked a second Walgreens, and they were out altogether. Oh well, at least one strand is a start.

Feeling pretty content. I love to just snuggle up in winter!

2 Responses to “Wow, It's Cold!”

  1. Jackie n Says:

    Be super careful walking this weekend. I’m in a northern burb and we are also in the Arctic blast. My face hurt just walking to my car.

    Hopefully Walgreens will carry your lights next year, sometimes the pre Christmas sales are close to matching the savings of the post Christmas sales.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Yeah, it's cold downstate too. I shoveled the driveway of the little bit of snow we received overnight (and it wasn't predicted) and I felt like my face and lungs were frozen. Be careful!

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