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February 14th, 2018 at 05:33 pm

Well, yesterday I headed out to the gym -- I thought. Turned out my car was so buried in snow and plowed in, I couldn't move it away from the curb. I gave up and went back in. Today, after a bit of warmer weather yesterday, I was able to pull it out.

So yesterday, aside from a $1.50 load of laundry, was a no-spend today.

Today, I went to the gym. Then I visited Sam's, which is right next door. I wanted to discuss their membership fees and policies. It sounded confusing so I took a brochure, which I will read. I don't know whether I'll get a membership or not, but my Florida DIL was very sure it would be worthwhile for me.

I stopped at the bank, and got two ten's and a roll of quarters -- the tens will go into valentine cards for the grandsons. Then I went to Jewel to buy the valentines and a wedding card ($11). Yeah, too much, but I'm under the wire. With a coupon I was able to buy an $11 Ty stuffed cat for $8. I got it for my granddaughter's birthday, which isn't until November, but I am trying to work ahead on getting fairly meaningful $10 (or under) gifts for family members during my gap year.

Then I went through a car wash, because my car was piled up with snow. It was $6. My car still has a topknot of snow on the roof, but it will melt eventually.

I started another $1.50 load of laundry.

Now I'm home until I chauffeur the grandsons this afternoon.

I got ANOTHER offer for contract work! This time from the young woman I mentored at my college job. I am mulling it over. I will at least talk to her about it.

I had a brainstorm about my variables budget. Now that I am no longer saving snowflakes for the college funds (until gap year is over), it only makes sense to put my extra funds into variables to ease the pain, and to protect my savings. I will be doing some adjusting in the budget today.

I babysat the boys last night while my son & DIL went out for a romantic dinner. We made valentines with lollipops for their school friends, and it was a good time.

A new challenge -- I replaced a bulb in a ceiling light fixture, and now I can't get the cover back on! Grrrr! I suppose mainly because it is over my head and I can't see what I'm doing, but it also seems like it just doesn't really fit. I guess my poor beleaguered son will have another mom job to do! As soon as I feel like there's room in my budget, I have to replace the shades in my living room, which will be another job for him to do, alas.

4 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    People just want your expertise! Smile

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Hmm--maybe that contract work would help fill the gaps in your gap year?

  3. elitaylor646 Says:

    I love that people are reaching out to you asking for contract work! At my work, I keep hearing that older people (is that a politically correct phrase?) have problems getting hired, (along with millennials have no loyalty to a company, but that's a different story) and here you are, retired and still getting requests to "please come work!". This just proves how awesome you are, which we all already knew. :-)

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I have found that older people have a difficult time finding full-time work, but when it comes to part-time contract work, employers are only looking for skilled workers and don't care about age. It's ironic.

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