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Second Day of Day Care

June 6th, 2018 at 02:37 pm

The second day of day care went great -- and no spending! I did spend $10 of DIL's money for the boys to work out in the batting cages at a local sports center. Then we made lunch together -- chicken sliders and sauteed spinach and mushrooms. Well, they only ate the sliders, but they loved them! In the afternoon they practiced their instruments and played with Legos.

I have promised them Jet's Pizza tomorrow. I've told them we can eat out once a week, but we will make our own lunch the rest of the week.

GS1 has a baseball game tonight at 7:45 -- at a location 40 minutes away! I may bum a ride with my son. Even though I'll have to be there early, since my grandson has to be there early, it will be better than driving home alone. And trying to find a parking place when I return at 11 or so.

Before going over this morning, I went to the gym and then did a load of laundry. I'm trying to keep up on my regular things even though I am "working" now.

In financial news, I received $10 from mystery shopping. Every little bit helps.

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