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Poor Iggy!

June 8th, 2018 at 03:22 pm

Well, I didn't do anything I had planned today, because I got panicked about Iggy and took him to the vet. He had a perfectly round bald spot on his belly, and I got on the internet and decided it was ringworm. Which wouldn't have been good, because it's contagious to humans and requires a lot of care, including sequestering the cat and washing everything in hot water.

I took him in for a walk-in appointment (luckily, it wasn't busy.) And I learned I was looking at -- his nipple! Geez. Well, at least it gave me the opportunity to have his ears checked again -- he is prone to earmites -- and I got his nails clipped. The vet also basically did an annual checkup. It cost me $80. But at least I know everything is okay.

I decided my haircut could be put off for another week. And since it was pouring down rain, I didn't feel like going anywhere, especially not to the credit union which is some distance away.

So I had a "kitchen day." I made a chicken pot pie and a strawberry smoothie. I made a new batch of granola. I made apple pinwheels out of puff pastry, chopped apple, mayo and honey. I've run the dishwasher once and it's almost full again!

Otherwise I've spent the day reading, as well as watching a John Cusack/Morgan Freeman movie I had never seen, "The Contract."

Iggy is curled up on the bed, licking his wounds after his morning ordeal. Poor guy. He hates the vet and he gets so wrought up. It was a shame I had to put him through it for no reason, but it's good I got the annual done, anyway.

3 Responses to “Poor Iggy!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    That's hilarious! My oldest son did something similar when his cat was a kitten. He had the vet check a 'growth' on his belly. After the vet explained that it was a nipple, he actually responded with "no, it can't be - he's a boy"!!! We still haven't let him live it down...

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Strangely, that was my first reaction, too, even though I know males have nipples!

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