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Steady Rain

June 21st, 2018 at 04:16 pm

It rained all day long, and my grandsons' games were cancelled (thank goodness!) I can't imagine what their uniforms would look like after they played on a soaking wet field.

My DIL asked if I would take the boys to see Incredibles 2 today, since they couldn't play outside. I did, and it was $32 for all three of us. It was a DX theater, which I didn't realize when buying the tickets. I also took them out for lunch, since it was Eat Out Day. That was $23 for the three of us.

At the end of the day DIL texted me to ask the cost of the movie and candy. I told her how much the movie cost for the two of them, and the cost of the candy. I think she forgot about Eat Out Day, especially since we had an unexpected one on Beach Day. So I didn't remind her, and I'll absorb the extra cost, unless she asks about it. I kind of follow her lead on the financial part....

I decided to take the dentist visit out of variables -- when something costs more than $100 I try to cash flow it if I can, but this month I can't. So variables are now 93%, with a few more days to get through. I will probably have to park in the city tomorrow, if I cannot hitch a ride to graduation, and that will be expensive.

My deposit to BOA now complete, I changed the funds in my sidebar. Slush Fund has been absorbed into Gap Year Fund. That will be my source to tap when costs exceed income. The Mortgage Fund is held in my credit union, to which I pay the mortgage, and I will just transfer the payment each month. I'll have to add more to that fund to get through the year.

1 Responses to “Steady Rain”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I keep forgetting how much movie tickets cost. We haven't been in years.

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