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Trip to the Credit Union

June 30th, 2018 at 04:29 am

I drove to my credit union yesterday because I wanted to talk to a mortgage specialist in person. The credit union is about 20 miles away, but the trip was longer than that because traffic was terrible. Lots of construction.

Well, of course I got there, and they don't even have a mortgage person in the office! They gave me a phone number. I should have called in advance, I know.

In order not to waste the trip, I made a stop at a bakery outlet that is in the area. I spent $9 on Texas Toast, mini subs, English muffins, Hawaiian rolls, hot dog buns, mini bagels and ginger snaps. All stuff that will help me feed the boys this summer.

Then I made another stop at Dress Barn. I had a gift card balance to use up. I bought a swimsuit cover-up which cost me nothing, and I still have $4 on the card.

Before the trip, I got my hair cut - $18, and that was with the senior discount. The price is creeping up. But boy, it feels good to get all that hair off my neck!

Variables are now 5%.

We are having severely hot weather. I am running my air conditioners full time. I got a text yesterday that it was a peak savings day, which means if I reduce my electrical usage I get a rebate. Yesterday was just not the day. I didn't want to give the heat a chance to get a toehold. My two AC's are barely keeping up as it is.

It remains very hot today, and GS2 has a baseball game. I wish they would cancel it, but it is his last game, and I think they will carry on.

Tonight I'm going to a local brewery to celebrate DIL's 40th birthday. I think food will be provided. Cake for sure!

Yesterday I took all the leftover stuff out of the freezer that I had tucked away to use later. Broth, milk, chopped zucchini, soup. I needed to make room in the freezer. I'll make stirfry today, and perhaps some peanut soup.

But for now, I'm going to the gym. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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