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Mystery Shopping, Again

July 7th, 2018 at 07:57 am

The flat tire kind of took front page news yesterday, so I didn't even talk about my experience with the pizza delivery mystery shop.

It happened on the day I was not feeling well, but I had to follow through. Because I was a little woozy, I did not comprehend the instructions as thoroughly as I should have. I knew I was supposed to take at least three pictures of the pizza at a 90 degree angle. What I didn't get was that I was supposed to put notes beside the pizza showing my ID number and the store number. I took the pictures, and then I ate a piece. And then I saw the deal about the notes. Well, I couldn't add the notes and take a picture of a pizza with a piece missing -- even moving the pieces was a no-no.

So I emailed the agent and explained why I was not filing a report. I assumed I was going to have to absorb the cost of the pizza.

Next day, in the midst of all my flat tire drama, I saw an email from the agent telling me that they needed a report or my assignment would be cancelled. I returned a rather snippy reply that I had already sent her an email to explain, and she should check her inbox.

Well, it turns out she had sent me an earlier message that they could still use the report (which I had missed because I was driving) and I should go ahead and file it. So I had to apologize, hat in hand, and I promised to file the report by 4 pm. That meant I had to retrieve the labels from the box, which was in the trash, but, thank goodness, not in the dumpster. I got the report done and sent it in.

I'm not sure, at this point, whether it will reimbursed or not, so I counted the expense as "eating out" and I will remove it if I do get a reimbursement.

No one was around to eat the pizza, so after I ate the one slice, I put the rest in the freezer.

So, back to the car. I got a call yesterday from the tire dealer saying that there was a possibility the tire will come in today. I am hoping so, because I have to take the boys to music lessons at 9 on Monday, and I'd like to have the car all fixed by then.

This morning I took the short trip to the gym and then to Food4Less, which is in the same plaza. I spent $35. I am hoping this will be enough food to last the month, with only emergency fill-ins. I WILL have to buy some pet supplies, but I don't count those in groceries.

Between yesterday and today, I've spent $4.50 on laundry.

Variables are now at 25%.

I signed up for another mystery shop at lunchtime on Thursday. This time I'll take the boys with me. I've done this particular shop so many times now I don't think they'll be a distraction.

2 Responses to “Mystery Shopping, Again”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope you get reimbursed!

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