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Eat Out Day

July 24th, 2018 at 12:53 pm

Yesterday the boys asked if it could be Eat Out Day, since they were going to Six Flags on Tuesday and will be in Michigan the rest of the week. I caved. I guess I'm glad they enjoy Eat Out Day so much. (But this is hardly going to be a week of deprivation for them!)

We settled on Outback Steakhouse, since they were offering free bloomin' onions yesterday. But it turned out awfully expensive, anyway. The boys ordered ribs from the kids' menu, and they each ordered a drink. GS1 got root beer, which came in a bottle. He asked for a refill, and we got another bottle -- another charge, of course. I only ordered a cup of soup and water. The free stuff was two small loaves of bread and the onion. The total bill, with tip, was $37.

After lunch, we were almost home when we got a text from my son that GS1 had left his violin at music lessons. We went back to get it, but when we arrived at the music teacher's home, she wasn't answering the door. By that time, we were all needing to go to the bathroom (and we were 30 minutes away from home) so we went seeking a public restroom. We ended up using one at a gas station, and I spent $5 there on ice cream treats. (Around here, you don't use a public restroom unless you're a paying customer!) In fact, the person on duty was in a tirade because someone had tied up the bathroom for 25 minutes without buying anything.

We did finally get the violin. It took a while because I didn't have the music teacher's phone number, so I couldn't text her directly. But that's been remedied now.

I brought home enough food for a lunch or two. Enough meat to make a sandwich, and most of the onion, which I have frozen, but I'll use later in potato scramble. Oh, and GS1 didn't touch his side of fruit, so I'm going to have that for breakfast.

I got my reimbursement from the warranty company yesterday, and I've deposited it into the mortgage fund, since I don't need it in checking. I'm going to try to put all extras into the mortgage fund, as there isn't enough there yet to pay the mortgage through the year.

This is the day before pay day. I'll probably do a monthly recap later in the day, since I'll be leaving early in the morning for Michigan.

3 Responses to “Eat Out Day”

  1. Banker Gurl Says:

    We love Outback! We don't have one anywhere close to us, but we always eat a meal there when we go to Vegas and we use our Discover Rewards to get giftcards to cover the meal as it can definitely get spendy!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like did well on eat out day. Lots of leftovers anyway!

  3. Katheryn Says:

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