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Thursday News

August 23rd, 2018 at 02:26 pm

After going to the gym, I hit Food4Less yesterday, spending $38. I got apples, cereal, peppers, onions, sherbet, tuna, rolls, bread, tortillas, honey and coffee. Also some movie candy and a bag of Cheetos for the boys. Then I shelled out another $10 for stamps, which they sell by the book at the cashier's station.

I took the boys to mini-golf yesterday, spending $10 for the two of them to do 18 holes. They actually did the nine-hole course twice, since the 18-hole course was busy with a big group.

My son came over in the evening and helped me bring up a lot of boxes from my storage unit, as well as the big box with the Christmas tree, which I will now store in my hall closet. Most of these boxes are leftovers from the antiques booth I used to have. I'm finding a lot of surprises -- things I didn't even recall owning. Many of these items I'm going to put on eBay. If they don't sell, they will go to the garage sale. I'm not going to list them, however, until I get through all the boxes.

I got a text from my sister yesterday. Her FIL died recently, and left them some money. They were expecting this, but it turned out to be more money than they were expecting. She was already in the process of selling her house, and now they have bought a town house, which will have more amenities for her husband, who is in a wheelchair and is probably headed to assisted living. I'm glad for her, but worried at the same time. She has a history of being very bad with money management. She says she understands that they must live on their SS and leave the capital they have untouched, but I can only hope she really does that.

I got my ride-free card yesterday! Now I can use the trains and buses to get around and not have to pay a cent!

My son is feeling very blue and overwhelmed with stresses at work and no progress at all in finding a new job. My heart aches for him.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Too bad your sister doesn't have your money sense; she would do well with her inheritance if she did.

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