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Kind of a Lost Day

September 2nd, 2018 at 05:10 am

The day got away from me yesterday. I ended up watching most of the McCain memorial service. Then I went to the gym, did some household things, including laundry, watched an episode of "Ozark" and finished reading my book. I did not get around to the eBay stuff at all.

Today I am supposed to go to my ex's house for breakfast with my son and grandsons. After that, I hope I can get down to tacks, and start getting my eBay offerings online.

It was a no-spend day, except for the laundry. Variables are at 52%. Three and a half weeks to go.

I scheduled a doctor's visit on Tuesday morning to discuss my lower body pain and to bring him up to speed on the peripheral flashes in my right eye.

I had only two meals yesterday. Mid-morning I made a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, stewed apples and toast. In the mid afternoon, I baked a frozen pizza and ate two slices. I have more more slices in the fridge which will serve for two more meals.

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  1. AnotherReader Says:

    One of my biggest complaints about Social Security is that most recipients don't get paid on the same day every month. The time between deposits is too variable. People think they are doing very well in a short "month," only to find themselves scrimping or dipping into savings in a long "month." A lot of people that depend on Social Security don't have the budgeting and saving skills to allocate their dollars and save some for the longer months. The SSA could really help out by evening up the "months."

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