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Friday Plans, and Thursday Doings

September 21st, 2018 at 03:13 pm

In a few minutes I will head out to get my annual mammography, and then I will do a mystery shop at a storage facility.

I got my blood test done yesterday and I got the results this morning. It looks to me like my kidney function has actually improved a little! I haven't received my doctor's comments yet.

Yesterday I got a surprise at the end of the day when I found I was expected to take the boys to their back-to-school bash. Son and DIL each thought the other had told me. Anyway, we got there, not too late, and I got a free dinner out of it. Hot dogs and chips, not great nutrition, but free!

I ran a load of laundry and that was my only spending. I should be able to wait until pay day now before running laundry again.

Monday is GS2's birthday, and I need to buy a card to put the cash in -- or at least find a card in my stash. I also have a book for him. The family dinner is planned at a restaurant, so I'll have to buy my dinner unless someone offers to treat. That probably won't happen! So, I hope, that should be my last spending in this pay period, unless the gas tank empties out too fast.

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