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Pay Day Spending

September 27th, 2018 at 06:59 am

What a nice feeling it is to start a new budget month. I did some shopping yesterday, spending $27 at Aldi and $16 for a new ink cartridge, which I ordered from Amazon, using a $5 credit. I also spent $1.50 on laundry.

I headed out to my usual Aldi, but it was finally closed while it finishes remodeling. So I just kept going and went to an Aldi in a neighboring suburb. What a surprise that was! The Aldi there is BEAUTIFUL! Basically the same stuff, but more produce, and everything is laid out much better, in a much brighter environment. I hope this is what our new Aldi is going to look like.

What I bought for my $27: spring mix, cheese, evaporated milk, pasta sauce, syrup, apples, rolls, oatmeal, canola oil and cookies. I will have to shop again in the not-too-distant future because I am getting low on eggs and butter, and I also have no meat in the freezer.

Today, after I go to the gym, I'm going to Sam's to get toilet paper and pads. And I'll take a look at the kitty litter again to see if they've started carrying a dust-free litter.

My variables now stand at 7%.

1 Responses to “Pay Day Spending”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We have a remodeled Aldi at one end of the city and a new one and both are far nicer than the older ones.

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