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What was THAT??

September 28th, 2018 at 12:37 pm

I woke up at 6 am this morning to a loud CRASH! I shot out of bed, expecting to find something knocked over. I have a lot of boxes stacked in the dining room because of the impending garage sale. But -- nothing. I looked all over and nothing is out of place. I know it wasn't part of a dream, because Iggy was freaked out, too. So I can only surmise that something happened upstairs. There were no footsteps, so whatever happened, it happened without human intervention.

Anyway, it sure got me going early.

I went to Sam's yesterday and spent $37 on toilet paper, Poise pads, and bread. I like picking up the Sara Lee artisan white bread whenever I'm there. I have to eat white bread because of my kidney condition, and the Sara Lee brand is pretty good, without the high cost of bakery bread. (Please don't urge me to eat whole wheat bread -- it is not easy for kidneys to process and not recommended! Honest!)

In the evening, I took GS2 to a hamburger place to help me out with a mystery shop. Well, actually, I was helping out his dad, who was carting GS1 to football practice while mom worked. I spent $8 over what the mystery shop company will reimburse. If DS asks about the cost, I will tell him, but otherwise I will let it go. It is basically covered by the fee I earned.

I'm going again tonight, to a different location. This time without a child in tow.

GS1 has a football game tonight at 9 pm! Don't know if I'll make that. If I do, I'll bundle up, because Fall has fallen.

Still waiting on the SHIP counselor. I did get a call yesterday from someone who identified himself as an independent agent (on voicemail). He probably got my number from one of the internet searches I did. I may call him back today to see if he will answer my questions. But I would rather talk to someone from SHIP.

2 Responses to “What was THAT??”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I hear you on the white bread. My daughter has to eat it because her stomach cannot tolerate whole wheat. I have had a hard time finding a white bread that doesn't have soy bean oil in it, though. She's also allergic to soy.

  2. Thanos Says:

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