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Friday Morning

October 19th, 2018 at 06:22 am

Well, I'm going to try an entry, even though the blog home page looks crazy today.

Yesterday was a no-spend day, though I did get a residual $10 bill from eBay for my selling spree. And I saw an email saying there is a bill on my medical site, which I know will be at least $50.

Soon my Amazon Prime membership will renew. I decided to let it renew, as I think I will use Amazon a lot for Christmas and when I am recovering from my surgery. And I'm watching some of their streaming stuff.

Today I'm taking the boys for their flu shots. I thought I was taking care of them today, but I think it's just the run to the doctor's office.

I need to get to the gym. It's also time to clean the fish tank. I want to make some oatmeal cookies. More laundry to do. Housework. Ugh.

There's a flag football game tonight. It's cold, so I will need to REALLY bundle up.

And I need to get started on listing the newest round of items on eBay, but that may wait till the weekend.

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