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Another Sale

October 29th, 2018 at 06:50 am

I sold another item on eBay yesterday. This one netted me a little over $20. It's a porcelain ginger jar and plate, so it required careful packing. I used LOTS of bubble wrap, and marked "Fragile" all over the box. I'll be mailing it out this morning, along with the little plate I sold the day before.

This particular set was not something I bought at Goodwill, but is a set my sister gave me years ago when she was downsizing. While it is lovely, it does not really go with my decor, so it's never been properly displayed. I put it in the garage sale, but no one was interested. I'm so happy that I tried it out on eBay. The funny thing is that I'm sending it to someone in my mother's birthplace, which is a very little town. So weird!

When I was getting ready for my garage sale I found a stash of old glasses. I am going to donate them at LensCrafters today. While I'm there (in a mall) I'll do some walking.

I want to get started today on making potholders for Christmas gifts. I already have Christmas fabric and batting, so I just need to find a pattern. I'm sure I can find one online.

I baked bread yesterday in my new loaf pans. Just loved the ease of using better equipment! At the end of the day, when both loaves were cooled and sliced, I called DIL, and she sent over the boys to pick up a loaf. They seem to especially love it, and I'm so happy that I can make something for pennies that they really like!

I didn't do any spending yesterday, and my variables spending is 10%. I don't plan to spend anything today, but sometimes the day surprises me.

1 Responses to “Another Sale”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yay on the sales!

    That is neat about your new loaf pans. The simplest things can make grand memories.

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