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Doctor Visit

October 30th, 2018 at 09:47 am

I went to my primary physician this morning for a follow-up. I got another blood test to make sure my kidneys continue to be okay while I take Celebrex. He gave me an updated prescription which specifies that a generic is okay. I still have a few days before I need to fill it.

My copay was $5. I was very pleased that I got in and out within an hour, so I didn't have to pay for parking.

Yesterday was a no-spend day. I spent a lot of time reading because the book I was reading was due today -- no renewals available. I did get it done and returned it this morning.

Now I'm going to be working on Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth." My son says I'll like it.

I got a letter today from the Social Security Administration telling me that I would be getting more money if I would switch from the spousal benefit to my own. It provided a link to make the switch. It didn't mention a thing about how waiting the ten months till I turn 70 will give me a significantly better benefit. It makes me wonder if they are sending this to people who are close to getting a better benefit and trying to encourage them not to wait. Hate to be negative, but why did this come from out of the blue?

No way will I switch until I am 70.

I also got my wheel tax bill -- early this year, but it's not due till the end of December. I'll pay it online using the credit card with the bonus offer. (Wheel tax is basically like getting a sticker for residential parking -- only we don't get a sticker. The info just goes into a computer.)

I took a nap yesterday and so didn't sleep well last night. But the nap felt lovely! I was simply too groggy to stay awake.

Before I went to the doctor this morning, I went to the gym. And before that, I picked up a bag of box tops that were offered on freecycle. I'm going to mail them to my granddaughter in Florida, because she's still young enough to be excited about bringing them to school. Her mom has made a special request to all the grandparents that we save them for her.

I've seen a lot of good things come up on freecycle, but usually not anything I need. And when I do see something I want, it's gone before I can get in on it. It was fun to get something that my granddaughter will appreciate.

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  1. Trying to get ahead Says:

    I just sent a sandwich bag full of box tops to my brother who has 6-year old twins in first grade. We have been collecting for years while our kids were in school. I found the surplus when I was cleaning out a drawer.

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