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Halloween Redux

November 1st, 2018 at 06:19 am

Halloween brought us perfect weather, so I joined my grandson for trick-or-treating, along with my son and DIL, for about an hour and a half. I love walking around our neighborhood, because there are so many beautiful historic houses, and for Halloween the owners decorate them to the hilt! My grandson was still going strong when I veered off for home. I am sure he got quite a haul.

I refilled my prescription yesterday using a GoodRx coupon. That brought the price down to $45 -- it was $125 last time, so that was a big improvement.

My other expenditure yesterday was $2 for Halloween cards and I put a $5 bill in each.

I just put a load of laundry in downstairs. When it's finished, I'm going to go to city hall and try to straighten out my wheel tax. I realized yesterday when I was starting to pay it that the car information wasn't updated, nor did I get the senior discount. I took care of this right after I bought the car this summer, and I have the receipts to show that I did.

I also signed up for two more mystery shops yesterday. One is testing out the valet service at a hospital, and the other is evaluating an appliance department at a big retailer.

So far I have won $9 in our family football pool! I don't ever watch football, and I never make the right picks, so this is big!

1 Responses to “Halloween Redux”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the football pool!

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