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A Little Money In

November 16th, 2018 at 03:13 pm

I got two of my wishes. I got a mystery shop payment ($12) and my Amazon gift cards came ($150). I have two more mystery shop payments to come, bigger ones. And eventually I will get the $200 check for working at the polls.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. It was both snowy and rainy and finally settled on rain. For that reason, I went and got GS1 after school, who has a pretty long walk, and a lot to carry. GS2 went to piano lessons with a friend.

Today I have a mystery shop in an adjoining suburb. On this shop I have to buy something and will get reimbursed up to $5. (I'll also get a payment.) This place will have lots of Christmas stuff, so I'm going to look for an ornament, or a little gift.

On Sunday I'm going to GS2's recital (jazz piano duet) which will be held in a downtown auditorium. I'm going to ride with DS & DIL, since parking will be an issue -- and so will driving, as the Bears game is at home. As a non-parent, I will need to buy a ticket for a whopping $5.

In a comment, I explained that my homemade gift plan has changed. I am going to give food gifts, which is more my speed (jam, bread and spicy nuts). With my Christmas fabrics, I am going to make placemats, but I am not going to stress myself getting them done. They may be a gift for next year, or they may end up being mine. Depending on how they turn out!

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Your Christmas fabric reminded me that I made several small fabric gift bags this summer out of leftover fabric from a tree skirt I made last year. I will need to pull those out, as I think I left them with my sewing things rather than in the Christmas bin. Smile Good luck with your gifts.

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