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The Big Event

November 19th, 2018 at 01:28 pm

My grandson's recital was held at a venue called the Jazz Showcase. It was right next to Dearborn Station and it was an old building with a twenties nightclub atmosphere. Many greats have played there, including Dizzy Gillespie. Fun.

Anyway, his performance went very well -- only one little hitch in tempo. They compared very well to others. And he even won a raffle prize -- a jazz CD.

We were also treated to a short set by a professional jazz quartet, which was pretty great.

I spent $12 on parking, $20 on a late lunch/early dinner, and $5 for a ticket to the performance. Variables are 71%.

After we all came home we played a couple of rounds of "Bang!" and then the day was pretty much done. It was only five, but it seemed like ten. I didn't get anything else done.

Today I'm taking the boys to music lessons, getting a haircut, and doing laundry. And I'm going to finally finish putting together that chili!

I've made a commitment to serve Christmas dinner for the local family. The entree may be provided for me, as XH (ex-husband) gets a free ham from Rotary every year. We'll see. Other than that, it will just be the traditional sides and desserts. This will take place on the 16th, not on Christmas Day.

I thought it was time to step up, as I have been the recipient of this event for years.

Can't believe I'll be leaving for Michigan the day after tomorrow. I have to get on the stick!

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