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Getting Ready

November 20th, 2018 at 01:47 pm

I got another mystery shop payment yesterday, but it was a reimbursement, so it doesn't add to my extra earnings. Still expecting more. And still expecting the check for my poll work.

I did get the $3 from Pine Cone for the survey that I wasn't sure was a survey.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I didn't have any coupons this time, so it was $18. In the afternoon, I picked up the boys at their individual schools and took them to music lessons. That tied me up until 6 pm.

Today I'm going to get ready for my trip. I have plenty of gas, but I want to get an audiobook at the library. I have packing to do, but laundry is caught up enough to do it.

I'm a little worried about the traffic tomorrow, but I have to get the boys home from school this afternoon. I could leave this evening, but I'd rather drive in the morning. So I'll leave as early in the morning as I can.

Oh, and I finally got the chili all put together and it's delicious! I had two servings yesterday. I'll have two today and then there will still be some to go in the freezer.

2 Responses to “Getting Ready”

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