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Cleaning Mode

December 15th, 2018 at 06:04 am

I worked hard yesterday and most of my efforts were in the kitchen. I cleaned the stove, oven, and refrigerator. I soaked the burners overnight in ammonia and used a baking soda paste overnight in the oven. Success on both scores! I also dusted all over the house, and I cleaned some glass shelves in the kitchen window and all the colorful glass vases that they hold. I still need to pay attention to the floors -- but that can come later in the day. I have to do that, plus grocery shop and do some prep with the food.

But first I have a recital to attend at 10, so I'm going to clean myself up and do that, then grocery shop, and take it from there. I have heard rumors of a second recital later in the day (because my grandson is playing in a duet with another boy, and they are performing for both teachers' recitals). However, I don't see it on my calendar, so I'm hoping it has been moved to another day.

I hardly slept at all last night. I don't know if it was anxiety about getting everything done or not. That's likely, but there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it.

Anyway, I'm going to grab a little relaxation before I get ready for the recital. It may be a long day.

2 Responses to “Cleaning Mode”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Sounds like an incredibly successful day to me!

  2. tehubib Says:

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