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Happy 2019!

January 1st, 2019 at 07:28 am

It has not been an auspicious beginning for me. I was unable to fall asleep last night -- probably did not drop off until after 2 a.m. But I got to see (and hear) the new year come in! Lots of noise -- I hope they weren't guns!

In the morning, I was putting away a baking pan and brought down a bunch of tins on my head. I have a lump on my head. I shouldn't have tried to do that without getting on a footstool.

I always love New Year's Day, though, because it is a day of reflection and regeneration. I do honestly think about the behaviors I want to eliminate, and the ones I want to embellish and improve.

Yesterday I posted the things I want to get done around the house. Here is what I want to do on a larger scale.

Travel. Once I get a decent income again, I want to visit my son in Florida, maybe going to Disney World this time. That is my first priority, but other possibilities for travel are a trip to Oregon & Washington, and a trip to Cooperstown, NY, for my grandson's travel team playoffs. I also want to visit a friend in Minnesota.

Social Life. Make new friends and attend more events. This is not easy for me, as I am not a chatty person -- really pretty awkward socially. But I am sincere and kind, and should it really be that hard to make friends with actual good qualities rather than superficial ones? I don't know. This year I am going to try, without putting on a persona that feels false.

Nutrition. I am not a vegetable lover, but I will incorporate more vegetables into my meals. And I will do better on the two main things I need to do as a kidney patient -- limit protein and drink lots of water.

Exercise. I need to walk more. Whether it's on the treadmill at the gym, or around the neighborhood, I need to hoof it more.

Personal enrichment. Playing my recorder, reading, drawing, seeing movies I really want to see -- I want to give myself permission to enjoy myself.

Gratitude. I need to remind myself more what a good life I have and appreciate all the wonders that are right at my fingertips.

I don't really have any financial resolutions, as I am living them daily. I may need to revisit financial habits when my income goes up again.

6 Responses to “Happy 2019!”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hope you have success on all your goals. I have a difficult time making friends too. I have people I interact with at church / church functions - but no one I'd feel comfortable calling up and saying - hey, let's see a movie!

  2. alliecat79 Says:

    CB, after reading your blog for quite awhile, I feel like we live very close to each other. Possibly a town away! But too much personal info for us to exchange on a blog site Smile

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Really! I'm glad you're nearby, Alliecat!

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    Happy New Year!

  5. Bad Ice Cream Says:

    Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.

  6. Jackie N Says:

    Happy new year!! I share a lot of your goals for the year. I’m not certain but as I’ve gotten older it does seem harder to expand my social circle. When my kids were younger there seemed built in options as I got to know other parents but as an empty nester that is goneFrown I moved a couple years ago from my lifelong home town to a new area and haven’t really met anyone to call a friend. I am going to try to find events and maybe a club to join but I think I my area just doesn’t feel “homey” to me so I may have a hard time finding a tribe.

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