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Top Money Saving Tips

January 21st, 2019 at 05:19 pm

Everyone has contributed so many good ones. I'll try to stick to tips that have been personally successful for me.

1. Don't throw food away, unless it is too old to be safe. If you don't know what to do with it, put it in your freezer, well-wrapped. And don't let it get old in the first place! Take action before the bacteria sets in!

2. Periodically go through your freezer and pantry and form a plan to use up everything that's there. Then execute that plan. Don't throw it away, that's cheating!

3. Don't buy new clothing unless you really have to. Goodwill and garage sales offer great clothing in every size, new and almost new. I buy everything used except underwear, swimsuits, coats and shoes. (And I will buy coats and shoes if I find them, but I never do.)

4. If you have a Sam's (or Costco) membership, use it! I find it's worth the fee for the gas savings alone. I buy most non-perishables at Sam's in bulk. Usually way cheaper, but check first, of course!

5. Use the library. Don't buy books! They are available free, every day, and you get to return them and avoid buying bookcases! Even buying books at Goodwill adds up -- I know!

6. If you live in a city where parking is an issue, know where the free parking is, and be willing to do some walking. I also use mass transit whenever it makes sense, because it's free to me as a senior.

7. Buy gifts all year long when you find them at the right price. But be judicious, and only buy what you really know you will wrap up and give away.

8. Develop hobbies that are free. Reading, walking, and cooking/baking are all great leisure-time activities. Usher at plays. Go to ball games. Attend the concert in the park. You know what's free in your neighborhood -- go do it!

9. Don't let yourself get disorganized. When you know where things are you don't buy it twice. When bill-paying is a system, you don't miss a payment. No need to spend a lot to "containerize" everything, just be neat and keep on top of things.

10. Take advantage of freebies. I am not too proud to get my free pizza and bagels at Planet Fitness. I get my free car washes at my dealer. When I visit my brother, I take advantage of the free car vacuums that are offered in his town. When downsizing friends offer me stuff, I take it! Sometimes I pass it on, but I always accept freebies because better stuff may be coming next.

These are the habits that have allowed me to live a pretty good life on a very limited budget.

1 Responses to “Top Money Saving Tips”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Keeping organized is so important! I know a certain someone who's replaced an item 2x in the past year because they misplaced it ...

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